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Vol. 96. Issue 6.
Pages 465-473 (01 June 2022)
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Vol. 96. Issue 6.
Pages 465-473 (01 June 2022)
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Annual report of Anales de Pediatría editors
Informe anual de los editores de Anales de Pediatría
Montserrat Antón Gameroa,
Corresponding author

Corresponding author.
, Alejandro Ávila Álvarezb, Josep Vicent Balaguer Martínezb, Mercedes Bueno Campañab, Víctor Manuel Navas Lópezb
a Editora jefe de Anales de Pediatría
b Editor asociado de Anales de Pediatría
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After nearly one year at the helm, the Editorial Committee of Anales de Pediatría highlights the most salient aspects related to the journal. After the significant increase in the number of submissions to our system in 2020, concurrent with the COVID-19 pandemic, the processing of manuscripts stabilized in 2021. Notwithstanding, the Editorial Committee has continued to reject a high percentage of submissions in order to fit the number of accepted manuscripts to the number of pages in the journal. The visibility of Anales de Pediatría sustained the spectacular growth that it has been exhibiting since 2019. The total number of visits has increased, and the number of citations received by the journal will once again reach a maximum in 2021, nearly doubling compared to the number in the previous year, which will probably be reflected in an increase in the impact factor. However, the changes introduced to the calculation of this parameter by Clarivate Analytics1 will cause a generalised increase across journals, so that the ranking of Anales de Pediatría will probably remain in the same quartile.

Implementation of the graphical summary in original articles

From January 2022, we have implemented the addition of a graphical summary in original articles.2 Therefore, the authors of these articles need to submit a file with a figure including illustrations and text to visually summarise the contents of the work and the most relevant findings. Once the accepted manuscripts are processed and published online, this summary will be published in the website of the journal and in the profile of the Asociación Española de Pediatría (Spanish Association of Pediatrics, AEP) in social networks, providing potential readers preliminary information to capture their interest, thereby increasing the visibility of the journal contents.

Manuscript processing

In 2021, the number of submissions—nearing 1000—plateaued after the sharp increase spurred by the pandemic in 2020,3 maintaining the increasing trend observed in preceding years, as can be seen in Fig. 1. Fig. 2 presents the distribution by type of article, which was similar to the distribution in previous years, with a slight increase in the percentage of original articles, which amounted to more than half of the total manuscripts. The overall acceptance rate continued to be around 20%, but in the case of original articles, it was of 14%, slightly greater compared to 2020 (Fig. 3). The increase in the number of accepted original articles available online but that were not assigned to an issue of the journal resulted in a delay in the mean manuscript processing time, as can be seen in Fig. 4. Due to the high percentage of rejections, we have a moral obligation to be particularly diligent in issuing the initial response to allow authors to submit their manuscripts to other journals. Therefore, we maintained optimal time frames for all other manuscript processing time intervals, as was done in previous years.

Figure 1.

Annual changes in the total number of received and accepted manuscripts in years 2013-2021.

Figure 2.

Annual changes in the percentage of original articles, scientific letters and letters to the editor received in the 2013-2021 period.

Figure 3.

Annual changes in the total number of received original article manuscripts and the percentage accepted in years 2013-2021.

Figure 4.

Mean time elapsed to first response (years 2013-2021).

Visibility of Anales de Pediatría

The visibility of Anales de Pediatría continues its upward trend, thus contributing to its chief mission to disseminate scientific knowledge in paediatrics. The total visits increased by nearly one million, reaching a historic peak of 9.3 millions (Fig. 5). This increase is mainly due to visits to the website of Anales de Pediatría (Fig. 6) and to a lesser extent to access through Science Direct (Fig. 7). The website of the journal allows readers to find out which are the articles read most often. In the year under consideration, 2021, the most-read article, with 454 554 views, is an article of the AEP about COVID-19 titled “Documento español de consenso sobre diagnóstico, estabilización y tratamiento del síndrome inflamatorio multisistémico pediátrico vinculado a SARS-CoV-2 (SIM-PedS)” (Spanish consensus document on diagnosis, stabilisation and treatment of paediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome related to SARS-CoV-2) by García Salido et al4 on behalf of the Working Group on Paediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome Temporally Associated with SARS-Cov-2 of the Asociación Española de Pediatría (Fig. 8).

Figure 5.

Mean manuscript processing time from acceptance to publication (years 2013-2021).

Figure 6.

Visibility of Anales de Pediatría: a) Number of visits to the site ( (years 2013-2021). b) The percentage distribution by country was: Mexico 23%, Spain 21%, Argentina 9%, Colombia 9%, Peru 7%, Chile 6%, Ecuador 4%, United States 2%, Venezuela 3%, Bolivia 2%, other 14%.

Figure 7.

Visibility of Anales de Pediatría: number of visits from Science Direct Science Direct (years 2013-2021).

Figure 8.

Visibility of Anales de Pediatría: total number of visits (years 2013-2021).

Impact factor

The current estimate of the number of citations made in 2021 is excellent, nearly doubling the 273 achieved in 2020, with a low proportion of self-citations. This, combined with the implementation of the announced changes to the calculation of the impact factor, lead us to expect an increase in the latter for 2021, which has yet to be published at the time of this writing. However, the inflation effect of these changes will result in an overall increase in the impact factor across publications, so the journal may remain in the same quartile.

The estimate obtained for 2021 using Elsevier’s Cite Score is also promising, as it shows an increase in the citations made between 2018 and 2021 (1306) compared to the preceding period (839).


Table 1 lists the 412 reviewers that collaborated with Anales de Pediatría in 2021. As we do every year, we thank them for their altruistic work, a key element in the quality of the editorial process. The comments they provide in each review contribute to improving each manuscript and help select those that best fit the journal on account of their subject matter, scientific quality and methodology.

Table 1.

Professionals who have collaborated as peer reviewers with Anales de Pediatría. The names of professionals who reviewed more than 3 articles are presented in boldface.

Abadías Granado  Isabel 
Adán Lanceta  Víctor 
Aguar  Marta 
Aguilar Salmerón  Raquel 
Aguilera López  Patricia 
Aguilera Albesa  Sergio 
Aguirreunceta Barrenechea  Ana 
Alarcón Alacio  María Teresa 
Alarcón Martínez  Helena 
Albañil  Rosa 
Alcalá Minagorre  Pedro J 
Alcaraz  Andrés José 
Alcobendas  Rosa 
Alcon  José Juan 
Alegre  Víctor 
Alejandre  Carme 
Alfayate Miguélez  Santiago 
Alfonso Farnos  Iciar 
Allue  Xavier 
Almécija  Ara C 
Almerich  José M 
Alonso  Verónica 
Alonso  Noelia 
Alonso  María Teresa 
Alonso  María Agustina 
Alonso  Ana Isabel 
Alonso Calderón  José Lorenzo 
Álvarez Álvarez  Ignacio 
Álvarez Muñoz  Víctor 
Álvarez Pitti  Julio 
Amparo  Sanchis 
Andrés  Ana Gloria 
Andrés Llano  Jesús María 
Angulo  Jose Maria 
Antón Gamero  Montserrat 
Aparicio López  Cristina 
Apaz  María Teresa 
Aragonés  Nuria 
Aranceta Bartrina  Javier 
Ares  Susana 
Arias Llorente  Rosa Patricia 
Ariza Jiménez  Ana Belén 
Arnaez  Juan 
Arrabal Vela  María Auxiliadora 
Arriola Pereda  Gema 
Arroyo Carrera  Ignacio 
Arteaga  Alejandro 
Artigas Pallares  Josep 
Asensio De La Cruz  Oscar 
Astigarraga  Itziar 
Ávila Álvarez  Alejandro 
Ayala Curiel  Javier 
Azkunaga  Beatriz 
Badell  Isabel 
Balaguer  Mónica 
Balaguer  Albert 
Banus Gasol  Ester 
Baquero Artigao  Fernando 
Barcala Furelos  Roberto 
Baro  Maria 
Barrio Castellanos  Raquel 
Baselga  Eulalia 
Bella  Mónica Edith 
Benito Fernández  Javier 
Berrueco  Rubén 
Betancourth  Josué Eduardo 
Betlloch  Isabel 
Blanco Quiros  Alfredo 
Blasco Alonso  Javier 
Blázquez  Daniel 
Bordel Gómez  Maria Teresa 
Bosch Alcaraz  Alejandro 
Botet  Francesc 
Bousoño García  Carlos 
Brandstrup  Kay Boris 
Bravo Acuña  Juan 
Bretón  José-Rafael 
Broto Mangues  Jesús 
Bueno  María Mercedes 
Burillo Putze  Guillermo 
Bustos Lozano  Gerardo 
Cabero Pérez  María Jesús 
Calle Miguel  Laura 
Calvo  Javier 
Calvo Aguilar  María José 
Camacho Lovillo  Marisol 
Cambra Lasaosa  Francisco José 
Cammarata Scalisi  Francisco 
Campos Domínguez  Minia 
Canal Bedia  Ricardo 
Cancho Candela  Ramón 
Cano Garcinuño  Alfredo 
Cara Fuentes  Gabriel M. 
Cárceles Álvarez  Alberto 
Caridad  Tapia Collados 
Carmena  David 
Carrasco  José 
Carrasco Carrasco  Cristina 
Carrillo  Ángel 
Carvajal Urueña  Ignacio 
Casano  Paula 
Casas  Ester 
Castillo Salinas  Felix 
Castro  Alejandro 
Cavero Carbonell  Clara 
Cernada  María 
Chueca Guindulain  María J. 
Cilleruelo Ortega  María José 
Cilleruelo Pascual  María Luz 
Civantos  Eva 
Claret Teruel  Gemma 
Clemente  María 
Climent Alcalá  Francisco José 
Codoñer Franch  Pilar 
Concha Torre  Andrés 
Conde Barreiro  Santiago 
Conejo Fernández  Antonio José 
Consuegra Llapur  Eduardo 
Corripio  Raquel 
Costa Romero  Marta 
Couce  María Luz 
Crespo Marcos  David 
Crespo Sedano  Andrea 
Croche Santander  Borja 
Cruz Len  Juan 
Cruz Martínez  Ofelia 
Cubero Santos  Ana 
De Arriba  Antonio 
De Carlos Vicente  Juan Carlos 
De Dios González  Javier 
De La Cerda  Francisco 
De Lucas Collantes  Carmen 
De Murcia Lemauviel  Sara 
Del Castillo  Jimena 
Del Llano Señaris  Juan 
Del Moral  Teresa 
Del Rosal  Teresa 
Delgado/Pecellín  Isabel 
Demestre  Xavier 
Díaz Conradi  Álvaro 
Díaz García  Elena 
Díaz Martín  Juan José 
Díaz Gómez  N. Marta 
Díez López  Ignacio 
Diez Domingo  Javier 
Donat  Ester 
Elorza  Dolores 
Escobosa Sánchez  Om 
Escribano Ceruelo  Eva 
Escribano García  Carla 
Escribano Montaner  Amparo 
Espiau  María 
Espin Jaime  Beatriz 
Espino Hernández  Mar 
Fernández Delgado  Rafael 
Fernández  Ana Luisa 
Fernández Colomer  Belén 
Fernández Cuesta  Luis Miguel 
Fernández Escribano  Angustias 
Fernández Fernández  Marta 
Fernández González  Nuria 
Fernández Menéndez  José Manuel 
Fernández Montes  Reyes 
Fernández Cantalejo  José 
Fernández Ibieta  María 
Fernández Teijeiro  Ana 
Ferrando Monleón  Susana 
Ferrer  Pablo 
Ferrer Lozano  Marta 
Figueras Aloy  Josep 
Figuerola  Joan 
Flores González  José Carlos 
Fortuny  Claudia 
Gaboli  Mirella Piera 
García  Juan A. 
García Castillo  Sergio 
García Hernández  Irene 
García López Hortelano  Milagros 
García Puga  José Manuel 
García Teresa  María De Los Ángeles 
García Vera  César 
García Alix  Alfredo 
García Cuartero  Beatriz 
García Iñiguez  Juan Pablo 
García Muñoz Rodrigo  Fermín 
García Salido  Alberto 
Gardovska  Dace 
Garrido Redondo  Mercedes 
Gil Campos  Mercedes 
Gimeno Sánchez  Isabel 
Gómez  Borja 
Gómez Baya  Diego 
Gómez Cabrera  Cristina 
Gómez Fraile  Andrés 
Gómez Guzmán  Elena 
Gómez Huelgas  Ricardo 
Gómez Sánchez  Esteban 
Gómez Veiras  Javier Ricardo 
González  Soledad 
González  Rafael 
González  M Teresa 
González Casado  Isabel 
González García  Hermenegildo 
González Jiménez  David 
González Lamuño  Domingo 
González Marín  María Arántzazu 
González Martín  Leticia María 
González Rodríguez  Liliana Guadalupe 
González Sánchez  Susana 
González Viejo  Inmaculada 
González Delgado  Víctor 
Gracia Romero  Jesús 
Granados Ruiz  Miguel Ángel 
Grau  Gema 
Guerrero Aznar  María Dolores 
Guix Comellas  Eva María 
Gutiérrez  Ramón 
Gutiérrez Sánchez  Estanislao 
Hedrera Fernández  Antonio 
Hernández Borges  Ángel Antonio 
Hernández Crespo  María Teresa 
Hernández Aguilar  María-Teresa 
Herrero Morín  José David 
Hidalgo Vicario  Inés 
Hinojosa  Joaquín Ernesto 
Huidobro  Belén 
Huidobro  Beatriz 
Ibarra  Ignacio 
Iriondo  Martin 
Jaraba Caballero  María Del Pilar 
Jaramillo Mejía  Marta C. 
Jiménez  José 
Jiménez Gómez  Jesús 
La Orden Izquierdo  Enrique 
Labarta Aizpun  José I 
Lanzarote Fernández  María Dolores 
Lapunzina  Pablo 
Leis  Rosaura 
Lizama  Macarena 
López  Juan 
López Neyra  Alejandro 
López Pisón  Javier 
López Herce  Jesus 
López Laso  Eduardo 
López Villalobos  José-Antonio 
Lozano Díaz  David 
Luaces Cubells  Carles 
Lucendo  Alfredo J 
Lumbreras Fernández  Javier 
Lurbe  Empar 
Machimbarrena  Juan Manuel 
Madariaga  Leire 
Madrid Iris  Álvaro 
Magdaleno Tapial  Jorge 
Manrique Martinez  Ignacio 
Marín Urueña  Sara 
Martí  Itxaso 
Martín Ancel  Ana 
Martin De Carpi  Javier 
Martín Calama Valero  Jesús 
Martínez  María Teresa 
Martínez González  Carmen 
Martínez Roca  Cristina 
Martínez Sánchez  Lidia 
Martínez Lage  Juan F. 
Martínez Sánchez  José M. 
Martino Alba  Ricardo 
Martos Moreno  Gabriel Ángel 
Marugán Miguelsanz  José Manuel 
Mayordomo Colunga  Juan 
Meavilla Olivas  Silvia 
Medina  Alberto 
Medrano López  Constancio 
Melendo Pérez  Susana 
Meneu  Ricard 
Mintegi  Santiago 
Mir  Marina 
Modesto i Alapont  Vicent 
Montejo Fernández  Marta 
Montero Manzano  Esther 
Morales Ballus  Marta 
Morales Martínez  Antonio 
Morales Olivas  Francisco J 
Moreno  Luis A 
Moreno Pérez  David 
Muñoz Codoceo  Rosa Ana 
Muñoz Hoyos  Antonio 
Murias Loza  Sara 
Narbona López  Eduardo 
Navarro  Sergi 
Navarro Moreno  Constanza 
Navas López  Víctor Manuel 
Negre Policarpo  Sergio 
Nistal Villan  Estanislao 
Núñez Cuadros  Esmeralda 
Núñez Batalla  Faustino 
Ocete Hita  Esther 
Ochoa Sangrador  Carlos 
Orejón De Luna  Gloria 
Ortiz Movilla  Roberto 
Ortiz Marrón  Honorato 
Oulego Erroz  Ignacio 
Palacios  Alba 
Pallas Alonso  Carmen-Rosa 
Palomo  Enrique 
Palomo Moraleda  María Del Pilar 
Parente  Alberto 
Parraga  María José 
Parrilla Parrilla  Julio 
Pastor Tudela  Ana Isabel 
Pastor Vivero  María Dolores 
Peiro  Salvador 
Peláez  María José 
Peláez Mata  David 
Peña Caballero  Manuela 
Pérez Casares  Alex 
Pérez Frías  Javier 
Pérez Hernández  Rosalía 
Pérez Méndez  Carlos 
Pérez Navero  Juan Luis 
Pérez Solís  David 
Pérez Lescure  Javier 
Pérez Martínez  Antonio 
Pérez Munuzuri  Alejandro 
Pérez Yarza  Eduardo G 
Pineda Solas  Valenti 
Piñeiro Pérez  Roi 
Pombo  Manuel 
Porta Ribera  Roser 
Prada Arias  Marcos 
Praena Crespo  Manuel 
Prieto  Luis Manuel 
Puigdollers  Andreu 
Quintero  Jesús 
Rafael  Pardo 
Ramírez Villar  Gema 
Ramos Fernández  José Miguel 
Reina  Jordi 
Remacha  Ángel 
Rey  Corsino 
Reyes  Susana Beatriz 
Riaño Galán  Isolina 
Ribas  David 
Ribes Koninckx  Carmen 
Rico Diaz  Javier 
Rite Gracia  Segundo 
Rochateixeira  Sofía 
Rodrigo Jiménez  María Dolores 
Rodríguez  Julián 
Rodríguez Arranz  Cristina 
Rodríguez Blanco  Silvia 
Rodríguez Fernández  Rosa 
Rodríguez Núñez  Antonio 
Rodríguez Serrano  Raúl 
Rodríguez Artalejo  Fernando 
Rodríguez Dehli  Cristina 
Rodríguez González  Moisés 
Rodríguez Vigil Iturrate  Carmen 
Romaguera  Dora 
Román  Enriqueta 
Royo Bordonada  Miguel Ángel 
Ruiz Contreras  Jesús 
Saavedra  Jesús 
Sáenz  Pilar 
Salvador Hernández  Héctor 
Samper  Pilar 
Sánchez  Josep 
Sánchez Andrés  Antonio 
Sánchez Bayle  Marciano 
Sánchez Luna  Manuel 
Sánchez Ruiz  Prado 
Sánchez Torres  Ana 
Sánchez Bernal  Javier 
Sánchez Queija  Inmaculada 
Sánchez Solís  Manuel 
Santos  Mar 
Santos Simarro  Fernando 
Santos Juanes  Jorge 
Santos Pérez  Juan Luis 
Sanz Santaeufemia  Francisco José 
Sebastiani  Georgia 
Segado Arenas  Antonio 
Sequi Canet  José Miguel 
Serra Sutton  Vicky 
Siguero  Juan Pedro 
Solana  María José 
Solana Gracia  Ruth 
Solís  Gonzalo 
Storch De Gracia  Pilar 
Suárez Gil  Patricio 
Surribas Murillo  Concepción 
Tejero Hernández  María Ángeles 
Teresa  Muñoz 
Tornero Patricio  Sebastián 
Torres Guerola  Bárbara 
Torres Borrego  Javier 
Tort  Frederic 
Úbeda Sansano  María Isabel 
Varea Calderón  Vicente 
Vargas Torcal  Fernando 
Vázquez Fernández  Marta Esther 
Vázquez Martínez  José Luis 
Vázquez Rueda  Fernando 
Velasco  Roberto 
Viadero Ubierna  María Teresa 
Vicente Villa  Asunción 
Vidal  Mariona 
Villamor  Eduardo 
Villaronga  Miquel 
Vivanco  Ana 
Yagüe Torcal  Francisca 
Yeste  Diego 

It is inspiring to see the number of manuscripts submitted to Anales de Pediatría continue to increase each year. However, the inescapable limitations to acceptance require that the Editorial Committee, with the support of the peer reviewers, engage in a laborious and conscientious selection process. We are aware of the responsibility that we hold and also of the possibility of erring, and therefore carry out our tasks with due diligence. We hope to keep mistakes to a minimum, and offer our apologies to authors in anticipation of any errors that may occur.


The annual award Anales de Pediatría 2022 to the best article published by the journal in 2021 was given to "Abordaje de factores de riesgo de diabetes tipo 2 en adolescentes: estudio PRE-STARt Euskadi” by Alustiza et al on behalf of the PRE-STARt Group, Euskadi, An Pediatr (Barc) 2021; 95:186-196.5

The award to the article that has contributed the most to the impact factor of Anales de Pediatría in the last 2 years (2020 and 2021) was given to a scientific letter on the cutaneous manifestations of COVID 19, An Pediatr (Barc) 2020; 92:374-5.6

We offer our congratulations to the authors of these articles.

Spanish Association of Pediatrics

The new Board of Directors of the AEP has entrusted the management of Anales de Pediatría to this Editorial Committee and provided us support in the past few months.7 it has supported the strategies proposed to decrease the delay in the assignation of manuscripts to specific issues of the journal, and facilitated the achievement of this goal despite the economic costs involved. It also continues to support the open access to the journal, the simultaneous publication of the Spanish and English versions and the diffusion of its contents in the social media accounts of the AEP, strategies that contribute to increasing the visibility of Anales de Pediatría.

Last of all, we take this opportunity to thank all individuals that facilitate the growth of the journal by contributing their time and effort.

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Please cite this article as: Antón Gamero M, Ávila Álvarez A, Balaguer Martínez JV, Bueno Campaña M, Navas López VM. Informe anual de los editores de Anales de Pediatría. An Pediatr (Barc). 2022;96:465–473.

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